UNISEATEX focus on the natural and recyclable materials.Because of the Global environment and Ocean pollution,UNISEATEX must develop and use a series of new environment-freindly raw materials,including all kinds of cotton, Jute, raffia,straw and rattan etc, and some Recyclable, biodegradable synthetic friber materials,Exactly You cann’t imagine some the natural organic materials that we can use for our textiles(wovens).The real leather, artificial leather and some special fabric are processed into amazing Yarn through special Technology. and the high-tech metallic yarn, special carbon fiber as well as some special yarn are the source for our design textiles(wovens), The special weaving technology is improved by new equipment and the better process,without the chemical materials, the process is in the energy conservation and emissions reduction,Low carbon environmental protection standard.

Our earth more clean, UNISEATEX focus on this!