Why are we UNISEATEX?

UNI is union.We are collecting the all kinds of high-quality and innovative raw materials,and produce a creative new special textiles(wovens) material for the world-class brands, and provide the full range of professional services, from the design to the development and the production,we are building the great and stable system for the whole basic industry development chain.The SEA is ocean,our team have the ocean spirit, you know our team are hard-working, modest, respectful, tolerant, optimistic,adventurous,unremitting, and focus on supplying our products to the global brands. TEX is the textiles(wovens), our professional job is textiles(wovens) industry ,We are committed to the development and the innovation of special textiles(wovens) as the core concept, to achieve self-value enhancement, and fight for the traditional textiles (woevns) industry forever!